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BPC-157 can be taken via subq 250mcg in the morning and in the evening before bed. Inject close to the problem area if possible. If not just pin stomach fat or glutes. 1. Mesquite_Thorn. • 3 yr. ago. Yea, that was too much. It won't hurt you, but it is kind of a waste. 250 micrograms is a standard dose. I dilute 5mg in 5mL water and then ...Protocol: 250mcg BPC-157, 250mcg TB-500, 100mcg GHRP-2 all twice daily (morning and night) subq for 1 month. Results so far (2 weeks) : Skin: The most noticeable result is skin improvement. The texture issues on my face have nearly disappeared and along with that some of the rosacea-like redness. A couple of people have commented on how smooth ...

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BPC 157 is living up to the hype. I was very skeptical about BPC 157 and peptides in general. But after doing some research there seemed to be something there. At the very least it is low risk with no negative side effects in studies and very few anecdotal. Decided to give it a shot worst case it would be a waste of money.The zinc thymulin metallo-peptide optionally also improves endogenous hair pigmentation. For example, by stimulating melanogenesis in grey or greying hair. PROTOCOL Content & Potency: Topical foam provided in a quantity of 50ml foaming applicator. Suggested dosage: Apply 1ml (2 pumps) to scalp once daily at night. Reply.3 IE HGH before bed, 425 mg metformin daily, TB 500 500mcg weekly, week 4-8 BPC 157 2mcg/kg daily. Definitely do Thymosin Alpha 1, if you're looking for autoimmune treatments. You should look up Thymosin Alpha-1, the best peptide for regulating the immune system and systemic inflammation.BPC 157 increases nitric oxide and acts as a vasodilator, which is part of the reason why it speeds up healing. You do not want to take a vasodilator before surgery due to the increased risk of hemorrhaging. Edit: just read your post again saying you already had the surgery. It's fine, I would start taking it now.What normally takes my wife 2-3 weeks to fix a back injury took 3 days. Injections on site. Background story. She was hit by a car before we got married 14 years ago and her hip and back can give her trouble.Nov 19, 2014 ... From the result of cDNA microarray analysis, growth hormone receptor was revealed as one of the most abundantly up-regulated genes in tendon ...No need to nuke your immune system. Check for chronic infections, mold, metal toxicities and toxins among others. Consider food sensitivities and the autoimmune protocol diet. Turns out chronic infections like Lyme and food sensitivities and mold exposure can help develop autoimmune conditions. Search forums and you'll be able to read storiesBPC 157 is one of those expensive supplements that use scam marketing to promote itself. “BPC-157 shows promise, but human studies are needed to demonstrate that these benefits extend beyond research animals.”. I wouldnt take this supplement if you paid me to. There have been zero human studies of this supplement.thalos3D. • 4 yr. ago. BPC-157 stands for "body protection compound." Dr Seeds has an oral version, but it's a little different. He calls it "body protective complex". He had to do this, because a peptide is just a string of amino acids. In your stomach it gets broken down into food.StockSalt5861. •. I reconstituted a 10mg vial with 4ml of bac water, I took 40 units a day or .4ml. I injected subcutaneously with insulin needles twice a day (.2ml or 20 units) each injection so I did a mg a day, used three 10mg vials and went for 30 days. I injected straight into the shoulder as from all my research said to inject at the ...Stable BPC will help you for sure without doing nothing more.But improving the rate in with the the healing process occur can be made with cheap coumpouds ,good sleep ,nutrition and phisical exercise .L-citruline (8g) +l-arginine (1g) ,one of the pathways in with the angiogenesis promoted by BPC heals is by the nitric oxide route .Red light therapy from joovv or similar brands will help as ...BPC 157 every 5 hours safe? Basically the title. I’m pinning 250mcg of bpc every 5 hours through a 10mg vial. IE, I will pin in 10 or so minutes and then wake up at 2am for another and repeat until it’s gone. I ran a 5mg vial until empty on morning and night 250mcg dosage plus igf1-lr3 at 50mcg one a day for the same 10 or whatever days ...The FDA and BPC 157. Therapeutically, BPC-157 is not currently approved for use as a human drug. BPC-157 is legal for use in the US (though may have different rules in other jurisdictions), but is only available via prescription. Where to get BPC 157. You have to have a prescription from a doctor for BPC 157, and usually get them from your doctor.What would the dosing protocol be? My plan was dosing once daily for both peptides, 350 mcg BPC and 700 mcg TB 500. In general, you would do 250mcg twice per day for BPC-157, and 2.5mg once per week for TB-500. BPC-157 leaves your body after around 6hrs, while TB-500 leaves your body after around 12hrs, but its effects last around 10-15 days.BPC-157 is a 15 amino acid chain. It does not have the folds and bonds that make IGF unstable. I could reconstitute BPC-157 and shake the vial to hell and back and it would be mostly fine. Its more prone to UV and heat damage than mechanical agitation. You dont have to carefully squirt the bac water down the side of the tube when reconstituting it.I'm at the top of recommended dosing for the BPC157 for my size. I’ve got some info on popular dosing protocols here . Pick up dr seeds peptide protocol volume -1 it’s a great read an reference for most peptides an the pathways they utilize, including dosing schedules also Jim Lavals peptide therapy’s another great read !BPC-157 can increase prostaglandin production and Thromboxane is a prostaglandin which can lead to heart attacks by increasing the clotting of blood. Maybe the main reason aspirin thins the blood and supposedly reduces heart attacks is it blocks COX-1 signaling which reduces Thromboxane production. BPC, the chemical BPC-157 is based on ...BPC-157 effects after cortisone injection. I've been using BPC-157 + TB-500 to improve hip joint pain and healing due to arthritis. The pain is pretty severe so I'm planning on getting a cortisone injection directly into the joint to hold me off until I can get stem cells and/or exosomes injected to reverse the cartilage degradation.Oct 26, 2021 ... 24 votes, 40 comments. I just finished a six week course of BPC 157 peptides. Took them in the belly by insulin needle 5 days a week.NSFW. MASSIVE 5MG BPC-157 OVERDOSE HELP. Basically im bad at maths so I had a freind calculate the mg to mcg for mixing it and he said I only had 2.4 days worth of the peptide so I just took.his word for it and injected the whole fucking thing into my shoulder injuries. Then I realised that he was wrong and checked and he was.Also started BPC subq injection 200-250mcg 2x a day on same day i switched capsules. Continued this for 3-4 days then started to use the bpc tb blend as my evening dose. Did this 3 days in a row. So my daily regimen at this point would be as followed: 250mcg bpc subq 500mcg arginate capsule 250mcg bpc + 250mcg tb subqI am using bpc157 + tb500 from saf research. About $50 a vial, or $5 a day. I used it previously after a rotator cuff tear and got some relief. Started trt and got a lot more relief from having higher estrogen. I also added deca for joint relief at a low dose. It's been buy 1 get 3 free, the peptides.BPC 157 every 5 hours safe? Basically the title. I’m pinning 250mcg of bpc every 5 hours through a 10mg vial. IE, I will pin in 10 or so minutes and then wake up at 2am for another and repeat until it’s gone. I ran a 5mg vial until empty on morning and night 250mcg dosage plus igf1-lr3 at 50mcg one a day for the same 10 or whatever days ...

Repair This protocol utilizes a total of 55mg TB-500 (11 × 5mg vials) and 20mg BPC 157 (4 × 5mg vials) with a 3 week loading phase followed by a 5 week maintenance phase. Note that the BPC-157 dosage amounts are in micrograms (mcg). Loading Phase Week 1- Week 3: Monday: TB-500 5mg / BPC-157 500mcg Tuesday & Wednesday: BPC-157 500mcgI ran BPC-157 and TB4 for about 5 weeks from a reputable source at 250mcg 2xday for a total of 500mcg daily. This dose did nothing for me at all. I have since researched some docs recommending double that dose at 500 mcg 2x day for a total of 1 mg daily. I just started this protocol a few days ago. I also did two rounds of PRP in the past 10 ...4. Sort by: UK-PEPTIDES. • 7 yr. ago. Hi, TB500 is more for muscle damage and good to prevent swelling around the injury. a 2mg vial will last around a week. BPC 157 is good for soft tissue ligaments and tendons it can be used around the injury area or sub q most users prefer site injection. when I personally had a rotary cuff injury I used 1 ...BPC-157 at 500mcg is what I would use in office for treating an ankle injury. I would add TB4 for an acute injury after a month if the progress was not substantial with my patients. BPC helped me regrow both achilles tendons after surgery. Rolled the FUCK out of my ankle in January. My ATFL was fucked.

BPC 157 Injection for Stomach Issues? I know that it is recommended to take the oral version of BPC 157 if you are trying to treat stomach issues, but would it also be relatively effective for stomach issues if you took it through subcutaneous injection? 3. 0. Add a Comment.Get the Reddit app Scan this QR code to download the app now. Or check it out in the app stores   ... What was your protocol like for the gut, dosage etc? ... Peptide Sciences offers an oral BPC-157 Arginate salt along with some other peptides and supplements for gut health, it's a stack, but it's $350 after shipping for 60 capsules. ...BPC 157 for Gut Health. BPC 157 helps to stabilize the brain-gut axis, which is in charge of the interaction between the nervous system, gut, microbiome, and immune system. BPC 157 may help with esophageal reflux, esophagogastric anastomosis, ulcerative colitis, and intestinal swelling, which are all present in Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD).…

Reader Q&A - also see RECOMMENDED ARTICLES & FAQs. To my understanding, BPC-157 upregulates angio. Possible cause: Jul 26, 2023 ... BPC-157 is typically administered through injection, which red.

May 17, 2020 ... First time using peptides - Just started reading on them. I tore my calf a couple of months ago and want to recover quicker.The effects however wear off after 30 hours and I cannot get them to last so far after several months of trying. So both BioPure's and reachgenius.se's BPC157 are legit. But the effects of BPC157 are likely overhyped and might not be effective against all forms of IBS.

Feb 29, 2024 · Based on this, anecdotal sources report a dose of 10-20mcg/kg, which would be equal to 1-2mg for a 200lb test subject. Considering this information, dosing a 1:1 blend of BPC-157 + TB-500 at 1mcg/kg daily (0.5mcg/kg each) may be a decent starting point for most researchers. How to Mix and Reconstitute BPC-157. Open navigation Go to Reddit Home. r/Nootropics A chip A close button A chip A close button

Peptide BPC-157. My ortho suggested BPC-157 to help with BPC-157 helps heal muscle tendons, ligaments and tissue after an injury Standard dosage: 300mcg/Once a day/ For 3 to 6 weeks Healing dosage: 500mcg/ Twice a day/ For 3 to 6 weeks Both thymosin Beta 4 and BPC157 show positive results on liver damag3 IE HGH before bed, 425 mg metformin daily, TB 500 500mcg wee BPC 157 is a clinical infant with a limited number of published clinical trials in humans, and is investigated among a limited number of labs. At present, the majority of studies are predominantly limited to mostly animal models and the efficacy of BPC 157 in humans has not been explored extensively.New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I have 5mg bpc157 and add 2ml bac water to the vial. This means I sraw back .1ml into my syringe and pin 250mcg 2x daily. So for you, I'd just double what I do for the same dosing. i.e. add 4ml bacteriostatic water. 250mcg twice daily. Wada can detect bpc for at least 4 days. But as for non specific Figure 1. BPC 157 increased the expression of growth hormone receptor in tendon fibroblasts. Tendon fibroblasts at 50%-60% confluency were treated with BPC 157 at concentrations of 0, 0.1, 0.25, 0.5 μg/mL for 24 h ( A and C) or 0.5 μg/mL for one to three days ( B and D ). The mRNA ( A and B) and protein ( C and D) expressions of growth ... BPC-157/TB-500 protocol question I have 10mg BPC and 15mg Tb-500(Understanding the proper dosage and usage of BPC-157, alongThinking about taking oral BPC as it seems I saw 159 on Amazon. I never heard of peptides until last night. So I know absolutely nothing and want to know more and where to buy lol. The difference is that BPC-159 is not a peptide at all. It's some supplement company's blend of amino acids that they named "BPC-159" in hopes of misleading people who are trying to buy BPC-157.It also helps for cuts to easily heal and even effective for diabetics. 5 Protect the Brain and Nervous System It lessens brain damage in suffering a traumatic brain injury. BPC-157 has comparable effects on antidepressants. It also helps the nerve cells to regenerate and heal quickly. 6 Improves Ulcers and Gut Health Injecting BPC-157 helps in ... Yes bpc-157 has a short half life when injected, but that do Bpc-157 (7 x 5mg vials) Dosage. 714 mcg a day. Frequency of injections. Half the dosage twice per day. 357 mcg in the morning upon waking. 357 mcg at night before bed. Reconstitution. Let vial thaw to room temperature, do not return to freezer after reconstitution, instead store in fridge. The Acetate Salt BPC-157, a pentadecapepti[ BPC 157 and TB 500 are peptides that have been I am using bpc157 + tb500 from saf research. About $50 a vial, or $5 a We think of serotonin as the happy molecule, but too much (mania) leads to anxiety and panic. BPC 157 is known for angiogenesis but also suspected of assisting with neurogenesis, hence leading to an increased production of serotonin. ... Look up PAWS and check out the ashton protocol. And watch the FDA doctor interview with a man who' wife's ...That being said, I usually use after workouts. I dont think it matters. I've done all of them. With food, without food, with just protein, etc. No different reactions or perceived effectiveness. Taking 500mcg morning and 500mcg before bed. In your head. All non-factors pretty much.